Twin Engine Tuesday

santapod in the 80s must have been a fun place to be, twin jawas / esos look class sitting together there

pegacorn chopperised

the idea was always to build this test bed for the twin engine stump pullers first motor and see how it went. well - this weekend i got a bit carried away... the rear wheel i had planned on using wouldnt align without major offsetting of the spokes to a point they would be pretty prone to snapping... not what im after. had a rummage through the parts pile and dug out this 16 off who knows what that fits in the frame ok. just need to make up the disk brake setup for it and it will be golden. but then i stumbled over a sissy i made for another panther so bolted that on, mounted up the rear mudguard threw on some narrowed 16" apes... still the test bed and i will race it in stupid chopper trim - its only proving if the motor works well then im making 2 more like it to go in the stump puller so no point in doing all the work twice

more Biltwell in stock

ok - this is the last of it all up online and ready to go

i have in the biltwell moto gloves, thunder riser and dogbone clamp

again - link to the right for the shop to see all the ever expanding range of chopper goodness

Biltwell Bubble Visors In

More shop stuff - one more update later today then back to normal bike building type proceedings

Biltwell bubble visors are in the store and ready to ship out - as ever.. link over to the right

moon air cleaner

yep - ive got these lovely moon air cleaners in the UK too. check them out in the shop

dont have many in stock at the minute so be quick, but if they sell well i'll get more

free magazine

with my latest order to lowbrow customs for the shop they were good enough to throw in a few issues of weirdo vol 2. i'll throw these in free with any order till they are gone. no promises you will get one, i dont have loads of them. this is what they say about it

The long anticipated Weirdo vol. 2 is now out! We can't include our entire inventory in a catalog, but it is chock full of a variety of stock and chopper parts as well as DIY Tech Tips, Customer Bikes, editorial, and this issue has a a photo spread of El Diablo Run 2011 by photographer Michael Schmidt. Weirdo is now an expanded 60 pages, full color and digest-sized.

yea - its a glorified catalogue for somebody elses company, but ive never got a catalogue with nice articles, tech tips, great photography and good design values...

EDR DVD and Salt Ghost

EDR and Salt Ghost now in the store too

also got all the other DVDs back in stock so thats all your retune and welding DVDs

check it out HERE

captain brakes

for the eagle eyed amongst you i have made a start on the brake lever setup too on the captain. again - going with the modifying old parts.

Stockers tea party, take 2

Tea party was a great time last year. roll on the next one - not too long now.. what will i have running then i wonder? more than a couple of bleary eyes in this photo the morning after last year

chopper lathe time

i seem to be spending my life making chips at the minute. really should clear off the bed some :). the rear wheel adapter is machined up and ready for welding so i have a QD brake onto the british invader 5 spoke for the captain. it will no longer be QD obviously but should be grand. also got the overly complicated spacer made up for the speedo side [yea knowing how fast you are going is chopper gay or whatever but its a cream and pink panther - i'll survive] tophats into sleeves onto shoulders. all nice slot in fits - i love achieving on the lathe but it takes for ever on a small lathe like i have got... still - these chinese lathes are pretty damn good for what they are - i'd be lost without mine. just other side to complete now... getting there

Chicken Poo on ebay

benny has this cool old machine on ebay
have at it - who says you cant buy cool??

stump puller crank

got the crank back together and all lined up. needs balancing now but that's the difference between the now and then :)

dropped into case to show clearance on old oil weir [used to be about 1/16"]. will be machinging bottom of the cases around the flywheel so oil drains through and doesnt need to be flung over the weir. the flywheels will no longer run in oil so that should help matters

lowered the w800

got some shocks from an ER5 which are a good inch shorter than the stock w800 ones

only took 15 minutes to do but gets the back of the bike down nicely so i get better feet on the ground in the crappy icy snow etc that seems to be thawing at the minute - impeccable timing as ever... when i get a new side stand to bend for it i will drop the front too.

Twin Engine Tuesday

Don Slingers double engine enfield, bonneville 1970. broke 200mph

pegacorn continued

spent some time on pegacorn at the weekend. dropped the forks to give them lick of paint and glad i did, although the steering felt ok, the bike had had an off at some stage and smashed the bottom bearing cups. so i had a good look and the front loop looks a little tweaked. i fortunately had a spare frame on the shelf so switched it out and will straighten the other at some stage when i need to. got the tank mounted right [just needs rubber bungs] and a biltwell seat hinge on there too. creeping forwards. also had on the shelf a better looking wheel with some chrome intact and a newish tyre on it so that went on too. still on track to be done when the first motor is


be there or be somewhere else - should be a great event. put on by some lovely people.

and a boneshaker bike raffle born free stylee - dont get that too often in the UK now do you??!!