pegacorn chopperised

the idea was always to build this test bed for the twin engine stump pullers first motor and see how it went. well - this weekend i got a bit carried away... the rear wheel i had planned on using wouldnt align without major offsetting of the spokes to a point they would be pretty prone to snapping... not what im after. had a rummage through the parts pile and dug out this 16 off who knows what that fits in the frame ok. just need to make up the disk brake setup for it and it will be golden. but then i stumbled over a sissy i made for another panther so bolted that on, mounted up the rear mudguard threw on some narrowed 16" apes... still the test bed and i will race it in stupid chopper trim - its only proving if the motor works well then im making 2 more like it to go in the stump puller so no point in doing all the work twice