tea party my arse

had a cracking camping weekend - only about 110 miles from me so not too far, the softail stripped its bloody starter on tuesday so i spent weds night into the wee hours battling with the vmax electrical gremlin - well i found it and beat it so i took that which was a shame coz it was completely out of place but it was better than the other 2 options, not going or going on the police bike

was the stockers teaparty - true to form i took about 3 photos so ive done some blog napping and heres a feel of the event

small, low key affair, lots of drinking and good times - mainly people i know but a few new faces who were great too, beer was decent if a little dear, but i still managed the odd half pint. food was ok, breakfast was shit - people were brilliant - happy days

vmax seems ok

vmax has been kicking my arse with a mystical magical electric fault

well - test ride last night after a few more hours messing with it and it seems ok i think

had a pair of headlight bulbs in the tail light which wasnt helping me with the massive power drop when i put on the brakes - took me a bloody age to decide to check the bulbs...

back to loving it not scowling at it now though - they are a fun bike to ride, yea ok, so theres bikes that are faster NOW, but imagine what it was like in the early 80s - a street bike that would pull a 10 second ish quarter mile off the showroom floor.

tea party

looking forwards to catching up with everyone at the stockers teaparty this weekend but im in a shitty mood - my starter gear stripped yesterday so im at the minute looking like being there on my all too modern ex police r1100rt mile eater - so the run out might have a police escort... i still have 2 days to try work some magic after work but not holding out too much hope, so there may be a friendly police presence at the weekend

33 pipes

been wrestling with the pipes issue on the 33 for a while now, it was looking like a skinny girl with fat ankles with the stock pipes, but think im getting there now. with a cut, twist and weld i have now got the left pipe somewhere near where i want it - tucked way inboard. obviously the twist makes the bottom level go all funky but a few slices most of the way through and a tweak up and weld should fix that too.

racing colours

its a lovely day without too many bugs about so i spent a couple of hours painting some spare panels i have for the vmax in vintagechop racing colours - triumph nuclear red, or as some would say pearlescent pink... you cant play the badass card on a pink bike. it came out pretty decent for a quick rattle can job without enough prep


think i maybe need to look into a little heat shielding on the softail....

too cool

stolen from the web somewhere some time

1200 Nightster sale

putting it on here before i put it on ebay and have to deal with the idiots 57 pate so its an 07 bike 13500 miles MOT / Tax september / october look at the pics for condition - they make it look worse than it is so thats fine, its a rider not a polished bike. but if you are one for loving polishing then theres nothing that wont come clean with a little elbow grease, new rear tyre, front is well legal basically stock 1200 nightster with stainless remus pipes that are MOT acceptable and some engine bars, good solid bike that just surplus to requirements £5600 - and im not haggling, if you want it less then wait till it goes on ebay and you MIGHT get a bargain but i wont be starting it much less than that - its already a couple hundred less than any other nightster on the bay of fools at that price

get in touch vintagechop@gmail.com if you are interested


praying mantis

Bill did a little writeup on the praying mantis over on chopcult. click on the pic for the lowdown.

biltwell slimline seats

We've finally got the new Slimline Solo Seats in the STORE. These things are perfect for a narrow rigid chop. Much narrower profile and a lot more kick than our regular Solo. Note that the spring mounts and hinge mounting points use carriage bolts rather than welded studs. This allows for some adjustment since most of the time seat spring bungs are already welded on your frame and it's hard to find a seat that will match that width. They are available in a horizontal tuck and roll & plain high-grade vinyl. as seen on kuttys quick facelift pan.

new lids in

a couple of new lids are in stock now in the STORE. the biltwell flat smoke and titanium gen2.

Hi honey - im home

was a blast

thanks to biltwell for putting it on, bill, shawn, craze and everyone else for getting the praying mantis running right - not one mechanical issue all trip. fredo for letting me couch surf and oscar for going the extra mile and picking me up from temecula letting me crash and dropping me at the airport - without good friends state side i couldnt do this, and for that im grateful