1200 Nightster sale

putting it on here before i put it on ebay and have to deal with the idiots 57 pate so its an 07 bike 13500 miles MOT / Tax september / october look at the pics for condition - they make it look worse than it is so thats fine, its a rider not a polished bike. but if you are one for loving polishing then theres nothing that wont come clean with a little elbow grease, new rear tyre, front is well legal basically stock 1200 nightster with stainless remus pipes that are MOT acceptable and some engine bars, good solid bike that just surplus to requirements £5600 - and im not haggling, if you want it less then wait till it goes on ebay and you MIGHT get a bargain but i wont be starting it much less than that - its already a couple hundred less than any other nightster on the bay of fools at that price

get in touch vintagechop@gmail.com if you are interested