Thursday, 26 May 2011

vmax seems ok

vmax has been kicking my arse with a mystical magical electric fault

well - test ride last night after a few more hours messing with it and it seems ok i think

had a pair of headlight bulbs in the tail light which wasnt helping me with the massive power drop when i put on the brakes - took me a bloody age to decide to check the bulbs...

back to loving it not scowling at it now though - they are a fun bike to ride, yea ok, so theres bikes that are faster NOW, but imagine what it was like in the early 80s - a street bike that would pull a 10 second ish quarter mile off the showroom floor.


  1. I still love em.
    The new ones are also batshit quick in a straight line. Was doing around a ton on the Ten and one came alongside and dropped me like I was doing 30. Mind you the next set of bends changed the odds...
    Wheres the pink bodywork?

  2. too busy getting the sod running to bother putting more pretty pink on it



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