twin panther progress

so i got my primary connection dealt with this weekend..[for a second time] its been kinda half done for ages now after the weekend of doom a month or 3 back when it all went tits up.

so i closed the motors together by few of mm. that way im not relying on my measurements and the belt not stretching - ill have an idler pulley now in the middle bottom run. plus a few fairly inconsequential tweaks that i will notice but dont really matter.

was a 1 hit job so ive been avoiding it. get it wrong, start primary plate again... but turned out not too bad after ive been making excuses not to do it. bit of turning, hammering, welding and grinding and im happy. essentially 2 of the bolts that hold the crank halfs of each engine together also clamp the primary connection to the motors through the dural plates - making everything stiffer.


discount on biltwell megaflake helmets

£30 OFF

christmas shopping is nearly upon us [i know its only november..] but you might as well get started nice and early dropping the hints to your loved ones that this is really the way to go in all its christmassy sparklyness. offer only applies to this batch of helmets so when these ones are gone thats it. have at it

fat sporty bits delivery

gotta love a delivery from the laser profiling man

33 panther progress

theres something very pleasing about making engine parts as opposed to fancy stylistic doodats

it either works or doesnt, theres no this is cool thats not cool BS... fingers crossed it fits and works when i get a minute to try it in the 1933 panther redwing motor thats nearly completed for pegacorn

biltwell gringo helmets

ok - so they are still some way off completion but i think they are looking pretty damn fine. will make a nice winter lid i recon. photo nicked off biltwells feed

obvioulsy i'll have em in when they are in production.

twin engine tuesday

whole heartedly stolen from elcorramotors

1933 panther engine

been a long while since this motor moved any. its a '33 panther motor. pretty rare beast. its been sat on the shelf ages waiting on some time / love. well its time has come - its going to get put into pegacorn. before and as it stands pic. should be back together and running by xmas now ive got all the odds n sods sorted for it

DVD rush

had a rush on the ERD dvds and sold out
im getting more in so please bear with me if you are wanting a copy, shouldnt take too long

steam roller update

got some work done on the steam roller over the weekend ticking off the little stuff

plate all welded up and fancy pants battery tray machined and welded. quick lick of paint and its sitting pretty

black panther m100 for sale

selling my old m100 panther now i have the rigid panther on the road reliable this doesnt get used [not been ridden, other than test ride after engine work, since about march or april when i took it off the road for the engine maintenance below]

its had new rebore / piston
new valves / guides
[bottom end checked out just fine]
mag rebuild last winter

other than that:
powdercoated wheels
12v converted
custom front mudguard [in my opinion way tider than massive stock one]
paint is 2k blackwith a slight metal fleck in it - its petrol proof not rattle can.
i have the stock dual seat to go with it and some stock bars if you prefer [but this is a superbly comfy position to ride to me]

its a mild custom as can bee seen in the pics and can be reverted to stock if you want in pretty much no time

its a 56 bike with a 53 motor, free tax, doesnt need mot & cheap insurance... what more do you want in life?

all in all - a tidy bike, absolutely not a project but equally not a pristine mint museum piece either

its still a bit tight with the motor being fresh done, but a decent starter - get on and ride

im looking for £4000

will be ebay bound in the next week or 2 if it doesnt sell
get in touch at

feel free to share in blog land :)