twin panther progress

so i got my primary connection dealt with this weekend..[for a second time] its been kinda half done for ages now after the weekend of doom a month or 3 back when it all went tits up.

so i closed the motors together by few of mm. that way im not relying on my measurements and the belt not stretching - ill have an idler pulley now in the middle bottom run. plus a few fairly inconsequential tweaks that i will notice but dont really matter.

was a 1 hit job so ive been avoiding it. get it wrong, start primary plate again... but turned out not too bad after ive been making excuses not to do it. bit of turning, hammering, welding and grinding and im happy. essentially 2 of the bolts that hold the crank halfs of each engine together also clamp the primary connection to the motors through the dural plates - making everything stiffer.