black panther m100 for sale

selling my old m100 panther now i have the rigid panther on the road reliable this doesnt get used [not been ridden, other than test ride after engine work, since about march or april when i took it off the road for the engine maintenance below]

its had new rebore / piston
new valves / guides
[bottom end checked out just fine]
mag rebuild last winter

other than that:
powdercoated wheels
12v converted
custom front mudguard [in my opinion way tider than massive stock one]
paint is 2k blackwith a slight metal fleck in it - its petrol proof not rattle can.
i have the stock dual seat to go with it and some stock bars if you prefer [but this is a superbly comfy position to ride to me]

its a mild custom as can bee seen in the pics and can be reverted to stock if you want in pretty much no time

its a 56 bike with a 53 motor, free tax, doesnt need mot & cheap insurance... what more do you want in life?

all in all - a tidy bike, absolutely not a project but equally not a pristine mint museum piece either

its still a bit tight with the motor being fresh done, but a decent starter - get on and ride

im looking for £4000

will be ebay bound in the next week or 2 if it doesnt sell
get in touch at

feel free to share in blog land :)