do you know this man?

need to get in touch with liam from limerick - i was drunk at the linkert in a field, he was confusing me in a thick accent [im one to talk eh..]

nothing shady or anything - i owe him a helmet and need to know what colour. tell him to drop me a line if you know him

mild panther mods

well seeing as i bought it off dad the other week i figure id best make it my own.

so on top of fixing the gearbox, clutch and carb, im just doing a solo seat and bar switch about but i like the looks of things, need to widen the bars some. oh and i need to make up a long rack to go over the back - ignore the clown bike colours - they'll be black

ive got a month before the hayride so should be back up well before then

linkert UK 2013

happy days - get saving

Linkert UK

Linkert was a MASSIVE success

it was one of the best organised, layed back events with good proper food, proper cider, ride through bar and great people - Great job on the event fellas - glad to say i was there

this is my pick of the weekend - yea there were loads of cool pans great knucks etc but this just makes me smile, if i could take one bike home i wouldnt have had to think about it too long - fantastic job on the build pete

double adult busmar - Panther

i've got dads panther now, im thinking of getting a double adult busmar to fit onto it - make it into a little caravan type thing, how cool to not have to pitch a tent etc, just open to door, drop the seat and lay down in the dry [ok not lay right down but i can sleep in a chair so reclined would be fine]

anyone know where there's one knocking about cheap?

New Stump Puller Sponsor

Who is the new sponsor? Well - maybe you...

Getting a couple of sizable sponsors is difficult at best if not impossible, so I've decided to try and get lots of small sponsors. This is where you come in... for your sponsorship of £15, you get a 27mm enamel pin, and a warm fuzzy glow inside.

T-shits are so last year, these badges are now in my grubby mitts ready to send to you lucky lucky people... free post anywhere in the world too LINKY HERE

ive seen the future and its black...

100 mph, 120mpg, diesel - now where do i find €17000 for one of these?? sounds perfect for a commuter hack

for your viewing pleasure....

i now have the new shovelhead and ironhead tune and service DVDs in stock in sunny old england, and also the TIG and MIG welding fundamentals DVDs in stock

panther running

done about 100 miles on the panther this weekend - well... its being a bit of a sod to start and it bogs down when you give it full throttle

theres something not right in the carb setup, but ive no more time to sort it before next weekend, jaunt over to linkert at 50mph it is

still.... its runing good up to 50mph and is riding nice, accelerating clean, just it should do 65...

and dads knees wont let him start it so looks like i have another panther in the stable

Panther MOT passed

well - it passed its MOT this morning so dads dragging it down here tomorrow morning and we'll do some rainy miles to shake it down a little before the linkert, but the MOT hurdle is over at least - well chuffed

1 week today...

and i have a legal bike to go on now too...

Twin Engine Tuesday

in a chopper stylee

why do people lie?

why do people lie when they are so easily found out??

im in the market for an old british engined chop thats running while i get the 33 and trike on the road.

well - i found this, got pics over the interweb, the whole runs well, starts easy, matching numbers schpeel etc did a deal and my dad, whos, 200 miles closer, drove 2 hours to collect it for me.

dad arrives & all the normal blah blah - then cursory check of numbers, that we know will be ok coz thats what he said on the phone - well - the frame no and v5 dont match, engine number i can live with - i can get that changed on the v5 but not the frame number. seller says "well that doesnt matter does it"... if i know thats what im getting then no it doesnt matter - but when you are selling me a matching numbers bike that isnt well then YES IT DOES... dad rightly came home without the bike

rant over

softail pipes

no great shakes going on this weekend but i got the new pipes onto the softail over the weekend, now its not as offensive on noise levels and i have access to the end of the gearbox with this setup so i can get onto fitting the kickstart kit when i get some time... biltwell exhaust tip just caps things off so its not got a raw end on the pipe, made an internal baffle just to keep things clean and not have a can on the back

stump puller sponsor

a while back i decided to do some sponsor pins for the twin engine panther bonneville project - 2 reasons - i dont want a room full of t-shirts in a million sizes, & everybody loves badges almost as much as stickers

i got the pin proof back this morning - im pretty happy - i should have these in a couple of weeks - so if you want to be a sponsor in a relatively small way get saving your pennies please - i going to be doing these at £15 a piece, they are a 27mm enamel pin badge. they will be available through this site,

tipple run update

the site has a little update on there now - - its looking like a good year [even if it is going to rain all the way round]

Been MIA for a little bit

i need an old bike up and running for the linkert in a couple of weeks - problem is i sold the shov to fund builds etc.

the panther trike needs wiring and making legal, the 33 panther is nowhere near - so dads panther that was in bits being converted from a dodgy fingertight chop to a stock swingarm bike for him.

i took a coupl of days off to go up and work a 4 day weekend with him on it. he had most of the big parts from my stash, plus the missing bits hes gathered over the last year o so,but ts been kinda sitting there not moving forwards - so 2 birds with 1 stone - he gets his bike done, i get to rob it for a bit.

well - nearly got done what we wanted so he hasnt too much to do on his own - but the gearbox stuffed us - i had the broken part spare at my house but thats 200 miles from dad so tuesday i rode down and got the part and its sent back up there for him to drop in - then we should get a clutch to lift and the bike will ride - we got it running