why do people lie?

why do people lie when they are so easily found out??

im in the market for an old british engined chop thats running while i get the 33 and trike on the road.

well - i found this, got pics over the interweb, the whole runs well, starts easy, matching numbers schpeel etc did a deal and my dad, whos, 200 miles closer, drove 2 hours to collect it for me.

dad arrives & all the normal blah blah - then cursory check of numbers, that we know will be ok coz thats what he said on the phone - well - the frame no and v5 dont match, engine number i can live with - i can get that changed on the v5 but not the frame number. seller says "well that doesnt matter does it"... if i know thats what im getting then no it doesnt matter - but when you are selling me a matching numbers bike that isnt well then YES IT DOES... dad rightly came home without the bike

rant over