edr Bound

heading over to california in the morning, fredo is doing the airport thing and letting me couch surf on friday night, the up to biltwell HQ saturday to help out up there for a day or so and then tinker with the praying mantis and get some local miles on it before hitting mexico late next week

the shop is still open for orders but nothing will be getting shipped out till the 13th May

praying mantis

im lucky enough to have great friends in the US that help me out with being an idiot wanting to ride dumb old bikes out there.

bill and shawn and im sure a few others have pulled a blinder - i fly tomorrow and the bike ran last night - perfect timing. no doubt need a few shake down bits and pieces but thats part of the joy. bills latest battle has been with miss-matched carbs / carb linkage hitting frame - not a fun one but bill got it nailed together for me so all's good.

her we see a few of those fine foreign fellows cleaning the tank on a bike with the tank molded to the frame to bills barked orders - tanks might look pretty all smooth and molded but jobs like this become a chore...

thanks guys

tank badges

got some pretty poor quality cast tank badges for dads panther - a spot of one-shot red makes them look half way decent though

happy Easter all

AZ nick panhead

got a mail off fellow shark puncher nick this afternoon

rode with him down into mexico on this on a non edr gap year type jolly. super cool bike that I'd have if it was this side of the pond, anyhows... anyone reading this in the us get in touch with nick and buy a piece of history

It was basically built from a stock bike - matching cases, proper trans, original swingarm frame with a pan hardtail welded on, stock '61 rear brake, stock '61 dual point ignition, oil tank, stock controls chromed, etc. The chopper parts on it are all mid 70s aftermarket - bars, steel trees, spool, seat, Branch/Mikuni carb conversion. I replaced all the soft parts, brakes, and some gaskets. Featured in Dice issue #26. It's a good runner and has been ridden out to Las Vegas, CA and Mexico. No breakdowns to speak of. It sat in a garage from '82 to '08.

he has piles of old info from it's original days
If anyone is interested email nick at ngoerdt@gmail.com


summer hack

collected my new old softail last night. needed a decent summer commuter bike to rack the miles up on and this '85 softail came up at the right money.

as ever it wants a few style augmentations but its all there and rides nice.

hate the whitewalls but not enough to throw out perfectly useable rubber, the seat is wider than the tank and a myriad of little odds n sods but its a rider, wont be anything fancy, just a stripped down, blacked out softail. aim was for a commuter bike that doesnt take a ton of fettling so it should fit the bill just fine, im lucky enough to have other stuff for my "cool" bike

you can tell theres something going on

well - im not much of a royalist but im getting free bank holidays so im not complaining

what i am complaining about though is the horse guards practicing every morning in rush hour?! 8.50 every morning they are on my route to work, dropping slippy stink bombs all over the road every hundred yards - what are they feeding the horses to need to shit that much??

theres about 50 horses at a guess that i follow in - i tell you this though, the back 3 ranks dont like harleys :) nearly had a stampede on this morning and i was only ticking over following them - got stinkeye from the fella in charge a the back so i gave him a friendly thumbs up - im not doing anything illegal - if they cant stand traffic dont take them on the road in the middle of london in rush hour

end of an era

well - its done and she's gone... had the pan shov a good few years, some great times / trips

was a cool bike and fun but just with the '33 panther coming together its time to move on...

collected on saturday by a fella thats going to pull it right down and make it into something completely different by the sounds of it - im not one to get sentimental once they are gone though - its his bike now he can do as hes a mind, just like i did when i got it.

i was just happy she started up 3rd kick after sitting 3 weeks, was sweating it a little bit - you know how bikes like to show you up when it matters or there are spectators - not put all that many miles on since the engine rebuild so should be good for a year or 2 now

thinking of getting something like a late 80s early 90s softail to strip to minimum and just ride, no worries, less fettling etc... not as "cool" but i can live with still not being cool, i just want to ride my motor sickle...

spindles sporty on ebay

spindle is selling one of his builds on EBAY if its what you are after you could do a lot worse

Twin Engine Tuesday

todays twin engine tuesday im sending you to look at a site: GULFNORTON one very cool machine indeed

bit of pink

changed the bars out on the vmax from the silly things that were on when I bought it. the best shape ones I had happen to be a stunning shade of pink.... some sort of trials bars out of the box of bars... comfy as though. also threw on some biltwell kung-fu grips, been for a blat around on it and I'm happy I got another. it's a bike that raises a grin. I love my vmax.

bloody rednecks...

seriously?!?! ENGLAND in early April?!


collected the vmax yesterday - apparently they make for a great all weather machine....

Death Science now in the UK

been quiet on the blog front this last week or so - but not quiet in the real world...

Death science is now available here in England. Quality cast resin shifters and lights.

have a look in the STORE