Monday, 18 April 2011

end of an era

well - its done and she's gone... had the pan shov a good few years, some great times / trips

was a cool bike and fun but just with the '33 panther coming together its time to move on...

collected on saturday by a fella thats going to pull it right down and make it into something completely different by the sounds of it - im not one to get sentimental once they are gone though - its his bike now he can do as hes a mind, just like i did when i got it.

i was just happy she started up 3rd kick after sitting 3 weeks, was sweating it a little bit - you know how bikes like to show you up when it matters or there are spectators - not put all that many miles on since the engine rebuild so should be good for a year or 2 now

thinking of getting something like a late 80s early 90s softail to strip to minimum and just ride, no worries, less fettling etc... not as "cool" but i can live with still not being cool, i just want to ride my motor sickle...

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