Grabbed from the for sales section in one of the bike rags

decisions decisions

there comes a time when you look at buying a brand new bike. that time is now. but what to buy

need stone axe reliability but some kinda old looks, down to a couple of options. i took bills [biltwell] t100 down into mexico about a year ago and its a nice little bike so thats what im looking at, but what model.

base level bonnie or a scram? i can argue it either way - time will tell

Coming soon

well - not all that soon actually but coming...

realistically its going to be a couple of months till they are in the store but if you are interested they are sized [not a one size fits most] so let me know and ill try make sure i have the size you want from the get go.

if you are wanting a full face these have got to be one of the coolest out there. a really small profile and somewhere between a simpson and an old moto3. again they arent DOT or anything else for that matter - your head take responsibility for it yourself and YOU decide what you want to wear

Bored of twins yet?

How could anyone ever be?!

twin goodness

been digging through old saved links folder on my computer and found this again

Bike 601 on 17 Aug. 2001 set a new World Land Speed Record of 238.740 mph in the 3000 APS-PBF class.

incredible bike and love the "undressed" shot

one for dad

my dad finished his 1930's scott concourse restoration at the end of last year and has been looking for a project. i had a dig in the shed this weekend and came up with this little lot for him. [many more of the little bits like pegs, seat, lights etc too but just did a quick layout for him on saturday]

lots of nice parts including original rigid rear end, set of Panther Dowty Oleomatic forks [air/oil forks in the 1940s/50s... very cool] hes putting wrong wheels in it - they are panther but a later model, but i have a stack of these ones and not the original ones so they will do - they also have a much better brake in them.

i have a couple of gearboxes in the other shed and most of the remaining parts - basically short of a huge number of nuts and bolts and a head. - not bad really for a parts bin job.

Trick panther

met a nice chap called Ifan at the dragon rally who has done some really nice work on his panther.

swapped emails and will definitely be borrowing some of his ideas on the twin panther. the electronic ignition is just so simple but classy as hell

he passed us on the way home and his bike sounded to be running sweet.

Couple more

glorious bodge exhaust with fencing wire [sheared off just where that pink tape is]

shauns panther basking in its glory

us at top of pass

dragon 2010

warm one this year

few bits and pieces

corpsesfromhell shirts

corpsesfromhell have some new spiffing shirts out for £12 a go

go spend your sheckles over there and get yourself one - i would have but he didnt get any "fuller figure" man sizes printed...

wild angel

got a mail off a friend telling me i needed a huge sissy bar and a cobra seat now i was running wild angels pipes... off i went to find a pic - very cool machine...

Dragon 2010

its this weekend...

the weather looks not so bad at the minute, sleaty rain but not too cold. stopping at a friends en-route but its a good 500 mile round trip, shaun will be powered by a might panther, it is yet to be decided what ill be on but at the minute its looking like the old battleship pan-euro will be on duty as everything else has niggles going on. its fun to ride old stuff but if they are playing up its nice to have something modern to jump onto [its nearly years old mind you, but thats modern in my books ha]