Thursday, 25 February 2010

decisions decisions

there comes a time when you look at buying a brand new bike. that time is now. but what to buy

need stone axe reliability but some kinda old looks, down to a couple of options. i took bills [biltwell] t100 down into mexico about a year ago and its a nice little bike so thats what im looking at, but what model.

base level bonnie or a scram? i can argue it either way - time will tell


  1. Scrambler everytime for me.

  2. yea - its cooler for sure BUT...

    im falling down on the side of Bonnie because:
    2 inches lower
    8hp more
    taller gearing

  3. scrambler looks better but goes like shit, like you said less power and heavier.

  4. 2" is bugger all, they're not a tall bike. First thing to do would be to ditch the AIS anyway. Neither are rocket ships, and there are bikes out there for the same budget that are.
    The Scrambler will get you laid, the Bonnie looks like your mum should ride it (shallow? Moi?) you dig?
    Anyway, why listen to me, my new bike looks like it's been hit with a spade...

  5. decision made - bonnie...

    found a dealer with a couple pre-registered bonnevilles in "dark black with black highlights" for near £2000 LESS than the scrambler.

    logic says bonnie, bank days bonnie, scram is kinda cool but not 2k cooler, can butch up the bonnie a lot for 2 grand...

  6. Hay sumo...twistgrips arrived safe and sound..cheers...they is snappier than a ding dongs wing wang :) GOOD SHIT

  7. Ok fair enough, £2k is a nice saving. You can get a lot of neat bits for £2k. You could almost have the motor taken out over a litre...or a turbo.
    Or not listen to me.



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