one for dad

my dad finished his 1930's scott concourse restoration at the end of last year and has been looking for a project. i had a dig in the shed this weekend and came up with this little lot for him. [many more of the little bits like pegs, seat, lights etc too but just did a quick layout for him on saturday]

lots of nice parts including original rigid rear end, set of Panther Dowty Oleomatic forks [air/oil forks in the 1940s/50s... very cool] hes putting wrong wheels in it - they are panther but a later model, but i have a stack of these ones and not the original ones so they will do - they also have a much better brake in them.

i have a couple of gearboxes in the other shed and most of the remaining parts - basically short of a huge number of nuts and bolts and a head. - not bad really for a parts bin job.