New Motorcycle Land Speed Record 367.382mph

BUB 7 is now the fastest motorcycle on the planet * Chris Carr set a new FIM world record & AMA national record at 367.382 mph thru the mile with an exit speed of 372.534 mph at the Cook Private Meet at the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah.

c90 for sale

well as this was going to be made into a trailer for the diesel bike that i have sold it needs to go too...

no tax, no test, non runner, no v5 ... get the picture? no NOTHING - i was going to use the back half as a trailer chassis for a bike so didnt need anything

all i want is £50 and come and take it away

email me

Panther Pulling

Tom sent me over a great pic of a panther outfit last night from an old AWOL magazine - too cool. Great pulling power have these little 600cc slopers.

Pegasus Sprint Panther

absolutely nutty sprint panther from years back. anyone has any info on it id be eternally greatfull

Out in the Daylight

yet more hours on the trikebox. but its done now, just needs wiring up and the box is finished!!! HAZZAAHH

then onto brakes odds and sods etc. im getting there. nice to ge it on the ground at last and see it in the sun


Just got this pic sent through from the NCC Kent do. very cool panther belonging to PantherShaun, cool guy, cool bike sporting a vintagechop sticker. yep - he's another bafoon that is planning a panther trike - if its as good looking as bobcat then it'll be a good un

More Twin Powered Goodness

Tinker & Tipple

just got this pic sent over from ray - pretty much sums up the run for me [and bikes in general for that matter] - tinkering with bikes and deciding which scrumpy to start the afternoon off with... happy days

Ogri Return?

Ogri is apparently returning to BSH.


English 101 in at £29.95

Baxter X-Grips in at £20

Gypsy Run Ride

Link: Gypsy Run 3 medium quality

Right heres the lowdown how i ended up riding a henderson excelsior motorcycle on they gypsy run.

met a guy in a bar, didnt even know his name [im bad like that] and within a few hours he was telling me that i could take his bike tomorrow... the bike i was riding ended being a bit of a pool bike with there being a couple of breakdowns so we were sharing shifts in it.

so i get up in the morning feeling a little woolly after a night on the shandy, go for some breakfast and one of my friends comes wadering up with me, hands me a key and says that im riding the "ugly bike in the corner" today. i was floored it wasnt just pub talk but nope. the guy had sent his keys and i was riding 2 wheels today not the chase truck.

SIR - you are a true ruler, i thank you

whats more he had a funky little video camera on it - heres about half an hour he did from the bike when i was riding it

Tipple Run Rundown

Thanks again everybody that turned up. Ill put a bit more of something together when ive recovered but in the mean time

I'm putting together an album of pics - if you were there and took some pics send them over to me (vintagechop @ gmail . com) and I'll add them to the set [link is on the tipple run sub-site to the right]

perfect riding and great weather. what more can you ask for in life




tipple run starts tomorrow night [well the pre-night camping and booze fest does anyhows]. let the good times roll

Yet More Goodness

Im bringing in Baxter Grips too, they should be in the store in a couple of weeks

Ride the Lightning! and hang on for dear life. A motocross inspired design made from a soft yet durable rubber compound. They Fit 1" bars and the throttle grip has a larger internal diameter to fit a stock sleeve.

Back From the Gypsy Run

Back from the Gypsy Run. Any orders made while i was away will go out tomorrow [2nd sept]

I'll dig out some photos of the run when i recover a little, right now im going to bed to recover a little.

Keep your eyes open for the news from the run - its was a blast