Gypsy Run Ride

Link: Gypsy Run 3 medium quality

Right heres the lowdown how i ended up riding a henderson excelsior motorcycle on they gypsy run.

met a guy in a bar, didnt even know his name [im bad like that] and within a few hours he was telling me that i could take his bike tomorrow... the bike i was riding ended being a bit of a pool bike with there being a couple of breakdowns so we were sharing shifts in it.

so i get up in the morning feeling a little woolly after a night on the shandy, go for some breakfast and one of my friends comes wadering up with me, hands me a key and says that im riding the "ugly bike in the corner" today. i was floored it wasnt just pub talk but nope. the guy had sent his keys and i was riding 2 wheels today not the chase truck.

SIR - you are a true ruler, i thank you

whats more he had a funky little video camera on it - heres about half an hour he did from the bike when i was riding it