linkert for the knucklehead

switching out hte super-e and yep. I bought the wrong manifold. but it's only metal. bit of lathe time and its done... the whole lots a hell of a lot narrower now. 

twin engine tuesday

i have no idea other than i beleive it is in japan

the stable

just a nice shot shaun took of the bikes at the weekend

salster panther for pendine

spend the weekend with my mate shaun at my place working on his race panther. my test race motor is going to have a run out in it at pendine this summer. i built the rear frame / race seat bit onto the stock front loop. he took it home with him this morning. still plenty for him to do but its moving along nicely now. jap front end to go in and mag wheels front and rear [with some more appropriate rubber on them ha]

lowbrow fork shrounds in the UK

lowbrow customs great looking 39mm fork shrouds are on their way [along with loads of other goodies and restock items] and should be with me in the next week or so.