BUBBLES shovelhead build

been working on this for a customer recently. full ground up build.
cheers jamie - i appreciate the business

VintageChop bars for Xmas

another set of belly bars going out the door today. get your order in before tomorrow [tuesday] night and ill get them away before xmas. later than that and i will do my best but cant promise
cheers all


VintageChop Bars online now

My new bars are online now for you good people to purchase. for the time being its just my Simple Gibbons and my Belly Bars.

All bars are made by me, by hand, to order. Please bear this in mind. Each and every pair is made with love so takes a little time. Custom bars are generally dispatched within the week.

click the link to the right or here

custom bent bars made in the UK

if you arent lucky enough to be the winner of the custom bars competition. Heres the lowdown

Custom bars are bent to spec & bent to order. 1" or 7/8. My custom bent bars cost £75 in raw steel or £90 powder coated.

Win FREE custom handlebars

To help promote my new custom bar bending service im giving away a set for free in the UK.
just click this LINK like vintagechop & share the picture to be entered

Motostuka Gloves in the UK

Motostuka shank gloves are now available in the uk via my store

shop xs250 moving forwards

xs250 in a japaneasy stylee. bit of turning and welding to be done. sort out rear guard. decide the question of "to sissy or not to sissy"

xs250 shop bike

started work on the xs250 shop bike. stripped a fair way. now need to get the angle grinder out and start hacking away at the frame. theres a lot to come off. going to convert to a single top tube.

rigid panther frame on the jig

another rigid panther rear end on the jig. stock lok but to accept swingarm bike wheel axle etc.

i make these to order so if you want your panther to loose about a ton in weight, gain MPH and look more like an earlier rigid m100 get in touch.

pegacorn pretty much ready

few jobs done on pegacorn so shes nearly back on the road with the '33 motor in. might even finish her off tomorrow

Biltwell Gringo medium

gringos available in medium now. limited stocks in all colours at the minute but there will be more when they are gone

Store update

loads of new products online. click on the shop link to the right :)

new shop progress

things are still moving at a rate. mezzanine floor in giving me 50% extra floor space - hello storage :) and started moving the bikes n stock in. also picked up a bigger lathe to do customer jobs on.

ive been kinda quiet

been quiet on the site. im working like a crazy man trying to get the new shop setup as quick as i can.

its coming together now though. nearly finished with ripping stuff out. should be starting to put things in tomorrow with a bit of luck.

pendine panther

im just robbing pics off the web. cracking shot by andy hornsby

Saltster Race panther at Pendine

shaun is running at Pendine this weekend

some people might remember i build the rear section for his frame, and lent him my testbed race motor.

well.. so far today he's running at 74.74mph. im pretty made up with that 

Vintagechop Instagram

the eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed an instagram feed appear above the blog on the vintagechop website now. i might manage to keep up a little better with take a pic and upload.... maybe...

moving house, moving workshop, moving shop all at once is pretty daunting and time consuming. as soon as im back up on my feet and operating at full speed ill try make more effort to update the site with vintagechop goings on, projects and news. till then - bear with me and keep me in mind if you need any bits n pieces for your badass freedom machine


knucks coming on nicely

spent a little time doing a few little mods to the knuck. general service, got the buddy seat fitted and a splash of colour to keep me entertained.

Biltwell gringo helmets

Biltwell Gringo helmets in stock in the UK. Free shipping included from vintagechop

biltwell gringo helmets

yes they are coming soon. within a couple of weeks at a guess...
ill have all the colours. they will be £145 plus postage. to be found in the SHOP

Pendine LSR 2013

the rule book is at last live and available online.

we are getting a publisher to sell this direct to you for our own sanity, so we can concentrate on things other than stuffing envelopes and walking to the post office.

link HERE

Panther m100 for sale "If steve McQueen rode a Panther"

im building this bike to sell, anyone interested drop me a line, vintagechop@gmail.com

planning at the minute to build it up in a desert sled / green lane type style

stripped to basics, knobblies, maybe lighting maybe not, solo trials type seat, maybe ali rear guard etc.

if you fancy owning this drop me a line and we can discuss building / completing it to your taste and preferance. its early enough on that it can change completely, go pretty stock or whatever. you decide which way it goes

stump puller drive train

version god only knows what... but it looks right now, just need to make a ring for the front pulley and the idler pulley then im good to go on this part at least

linkert for the knucklehead

switching out hte super-e and yep. I bought the wrong manifold. but it's only metal. bit of lathe time and its done... the whole lots a hell of a lot narrower now. 

twin engine tuesday

i have no idea other than i beleive it is in japan

the stable

just a nice shot shaun took of the bikes at the weekend

salster panther for pendine

spend the weekend with my mate shaun at my place working on his race panther. my test race motor is going to have a run out in it at pendine this summer. i built the rear frame / race seat bit onto the stock front loop. he took it home with him this morning. still plenty for him to do but its moving along nicely now. jap front end to go in and mag wheels front and rear [with some more appropriate rubber on them ha]

lowbrow fork shrounds in the UK

lowbrow customs great looking 39mm fork shrouds are on their way [along with loads of other goodies and restock items] and should be with me in the next week or so.

saltster LSR panther

im helping a mate out getting his panther together for racing

single engine but fun none the less. im lending him my race motor for the first meeting just to save him having to deal with that on top of everything else

jig is completed now so im ready to start bending some tubes

standard panther rigid frame geometry [so really short wheelbase - not ideal for racing but nearly period correct ha]. laser profiled axle plates with the same profile as the original cast plates, set up to take full width hub wheel axle and spacers complete out of a swingarm.

i might make a couple more if it goes easily...

pendine land speed racing 2013

i did a logo for the pendine land speed racing club the other day

the meeting is officially on now and im looking forwards to it massively

the plan is to run the stump puller dual engine panther there. fingers crossed everything goes on schedule for me. would make for a hel of a first meeting

mark the date - june 20/23rd its looking like it'll be a blinder, lets hope we can make it yearly

33 panther oil pump

old bikes are sent to try us.... but if it was easy everyone would do it

i got the 33 panther running on xmas day. the oil pump packed in pumping 3 days later and screwed things

sooo, this weekend i grabbed a more modern pump [bottom one] out of the spares pile, but they have different oil routing so modified it so it should work fine

but that leaves a big hole in the engine case that the pump adjuster would go on the 1933 motor. i could have just made a bung and be done with it but i had a hour or 2 to kill so i made dummy adjuster so it looks right. couple of o-rings and it fits nice

so new pump fitted and done, now just need to sort barrel and piston and i should be good to go again hopefully

safe sailing, please

waiting on the philadelphia express to land in sunny old england in a couple of weeks, its got my bike on it so fingers crossed for a nice smooth crossing