not a bad weekends graft on this one

motor in
gearbox in & new spacers made
stock late model rear wheel in and aligned
new tyres fitted
forwards started
new sissy bar bent up and tacked [just needs finish welding]
started a couple of the million cables

ready for the teaparty? who knows.. the jury is out but thats my aim at least, fingers crossed

sick days

had some time off sick this week

all back to normal now

sorry for any orders that havent gone out with the normal promptness - i've not been on my a-game...

anything outstanding is packed now and ready to send out tomorrow

thanks for bearing with me

panther resurrection

looks like i am resurrecting this one - its so close it makes sense. its been sat in the house for a couple of months waiting for some time. well - i had a few things that need taking care of on the black panther after this weekend so its going to be quicker to get this on the road so i can still be bombing about panther powered while i do some more work on the race stuff

i have a fresh engine on the shelf to drop into this next weekend. then its just cables and all the odds n sods that you think will take no time but take days... putting a stock later full width rear in like the front one so "should" be fairly straight forwards. its bit of a parts pin special. all ive bought for it so far is the bars and controls, everything else is from the stash of spares / take-offs so im pretty pleased its coming together well. a good weekend this week and then a pile of evenings should have me rolling back in style for the tea party in a few weeks with a bit of luck and a fair breeze [but then again - me and deadlines arent great so...]

redliners racing international

some people may have noticed he new link on the right here its to redliners racing international.

have a potter on over there and take a look around. as the site says: The redliners are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts scattered around the world whose common bond is a deep affection for vintage motorcycles and the unbridled pursuit of speed.

it pretty much sums it up really... i am very proud to be part of this small band of idiots trying to make old bikes go faster than they were ever intended to go

Lowbrow p-nut tanks in the UK

got the Lowbrow p-nut tanks in stock now. on my shelf ready to post out

why buy a shitty rusted out tanks with the mount holes drilled off centre when you can have nice new steel...

come and get em - shop HERE

sportster coil relocation

nothing original or super smashing great, but i got 20 minutes to work on the bike this weekend when everyone had left [was a family weekend so no garage time], so i started on the coil mounting. it will incorporate the choke too when its done. just modifying the top motor mount a little to multi-task.

wide tyre sportster

after some messing about and false starts i have settled on the king sportster tank

will mount way easier and looks right on there. it is a sporty after all... i'll have 2.8 gal. instead of the 3.5 but its not too much difference.

Heavy breather

made up a breather for the race motor at the weekend. [the ugly black tube to the left of the pushrod tube] every little bit helps. i think i will make a bigger breather for it in the long run but this is a start

it has a couple hundred miles on it now and it seems a much more streetable motor now. i guess in a week or so ill see what we have extra in the way of top end... [probably on the way over to the Low Level Hell do over in a welsh direction - should be a good leg stretch for it - seems to be running and starting well so fingers crossed]

Captain seat

Got the seat all made up and mounted on the captain now. Getting there.

wide sportster rear

got the rear end of the wide sporty pretty much done yesterday and oil tank 90% welded in. just need to glass up a seat pan and get that sent out. rear spaces made up and thats the back end of the bike almost there.

running panther race motor

got the motor running this week. lots of interesting internals in the motor. starts nice, running a little rich but thats no bad thing for a run in period. got to get some miles on it then see what it will do :)


The big tyre sporty is starting to take shape. Well pleased. Should be a comfy stomper