panther resurrection

looks like i am resurrecting this one - its so close it makes sense. its been sat in the house for a couple of months waiting for some time. well - i had a few things that need taking care of on the black panther after this weekend so its going to be quicker to get this on the road so i can still be bombing about panther powered while i do some more work on the race stuff

i have a fresh engine on the shelf to drop into this next weekend. then its just cables and all the odds n sods that you think will take no time but take days... putting a stock later full width rear in like the front one so "should" be fairly straight forwards. its bit of a parts pin special. all ive bought for it so far is the bars and controls, everything else is from the stash of spares / take-offs so im pretty pleased its coming together well. a good weekend this week and then a pile of evenings should have me rolling back in style for the tea party in a few weeks with a bit of luck and a fair breeze [but then again - me and deadlines arent great so...]