harley softail fxst trade/sale

trading my fxst dressed up to look like a fatboy,  i got the bike pretty much as it stands last spring and just never ever ride it - its been in the garage under cover for the last 5 months, it has to go. looking for a hotrod or interesting car, either straight trade or cash my way - theres nothing in the kitty to add to this

without looking at the v5 its '84 or '85. its got a 91 motor in it. cheapy cheap classic insurance

drop me a line if you are interested, what have you got? or ill sell it outright obviously if you are looking for one


test motor

things are marching on still

modified pushrod tube so it doesnt fall into the modified cases, i welded up adjuster cups onto the cam followers to accommodate the single piece pushrods, new single piece pushrods made, access hatch into rocker cover welded up and cover machined.

steady away, still plenty to do but on course to having this motor into the black bike at the weekend with a little luck and a fair breeze.

lush panther

not mine but i wish it was [yea - i want everything]. bloomin lovely it is

nice bit of fencing wire holding up the footpeg. apparently a '34 model 500.

pimp for sale

Spindle has his pimp bike for sale - yea im a day or 2 late with the news but i dont update at weekends...

over on ebay

panther hot cam

the hot cam i got made an age ago arrived yesterday for the test motor, just in time for bottom end assembly. not we've got to sort out the new pushrod arrangement [more like the solid 30's panther setup than stock later one with the adjusters in the middle]

the gray team

a-team, gray-team.. see what i did there??

ok so dad took a couple of pics yesterday for me. rolling road that i have as much access to as i want [another reason im building a solo engined bike first - twin wont fit on it hah] and one of the race bikes getting a new body for the season. [rod is has a racing team and is part of another so is a busy man indeed - they have some really nice tackle]. dont know whos the norton is - its just one hes been working on.

Twin Panther Moving forwards

the cases are up at my dads getting some work by my team of retired old men. i have my dad retired engineer, melvin retired welder, and rod, semi-retired bike shop owner / tuner. between them they have pretty much all the bases covered for anything dumb i can dream up that i cant handle myself [along with a lot of why? what the hell? but its a panther, they arent meant to go fast etc type comments]

dad nearly sorted out my re-routing oil system [theres a good bit more to it that just draining different too...] bit of welding to be done on them and some more machining and we will be ready for a bottom end assembling pretty soon - hope to have it running in a solo bike in the next few weeks to see how it responds to the tuning

90s period correct

the parts are falling together for the fat tyre bike. not cool and i totally love it.

draw to annoy

i cant help it - i mix my units all the time
really annoys just about anyone i have ever worked with or sent drawings to... comes as second nature to me..

roll on roll up

got the roll over stand sorted on pegacorn this weekend and a skeaky hidden plate when parked setup stolen from a triumph i saw online somewhere pretty sure LFTC. not far off ready for the motor now