living with the kawasaki w800

so its a few months on now since my test ride / purchase of the w800 back in july. i have stuck about 4000 miles on it now [its mainly my dryish weather bike]

thought id just add a catch up on living with it

its a really gentle almost clasic feeling bike to potter round the back roads or it will pick its skirt up and hammer motorway miles if need be too without a problem. perfect size for nipping in and out of traffic and sits more than happy at 70+ on the motorway whilst still feeling sure footed. the motor is really flexible so you arent stomping up and down the box in town traffic

mpg wise, im seeing around high 40s / low 50s to the gal. which i think is pretty good considering im not exactly gentle on the throttle nor am i 8 stone...

the classic styled tyres are well up to the job even in dodgy weather on greasy roads. its not a race bike but it goes well at any legal speeds. drum brake out back and disk front is a nice combination for this bike nothing too aggressive required its not a heavy bike. they bring it to a stop nicely

i have fitted a w650 rack and it is a direct fit no messing about. i am now just after a screen that will make it more useable on rainy days so i dont have to use the bmw as much

build quality is as i thought - very nice.

so yea - its mainly the lack of extras that is the down i can see, and im not all that into bolt on styling anyway. a rack would be nice but the w650 fits perfect [so why dont they tell you that or just put a different sticker on it instead of me having to buy one and take a chance?] keeping the kick start would have been nice too, and for me the slightly taller bars of the 650 appeal, but with all the wiring etc it would be a real pain in the arse to change them out.

all in all - great little bike that i enjoy riding, go get a test ride if you can, they are a fun alternative to a classic bike when you dont want the bother of hopeing it will start or wondering if you will break down etc. [but not a replacement for]