hubba hubba

quiet day at work means for lots of google image searching - loving the style...

dont you hate the internet?

been looking at rods online recently in my spare time, i saw this somewhere in the blogosphere and now i want a bloody rod...

getting a shift on

got the parts all machined / bent up for the shifter on the '33 panther, looks like all should work just fine.

spread the good word

if you have a blog or whatever do me a favor and get this out there, copy and paste the image off and link to the tipple run blog would be magical - cheers

Twin Engine Tuesday

still pulls off looking tough as hell even dressed in pink and baby blue

as she stands

got some more done on the 33 this weekend and she is starting to look like something now. really pleased with the shape of things -tiny little bike she will be.

Bench*Mark now in the UK

just got my range of Bench*Mark products listed up in the store as of now. real top quality gear, really happy to be selling their stuff in england

dragon 2011

well - it was fun again. fairly warmish until sundays cold wet ride home that became an endurance ride.

shaun got up to my place late afternoon after we planned an early morning off on friday - he was on the back of an AA van - bugger... we spent the rest of the day trying to get him going, but his mag was dead and we ran out of time / light and energy... but i had a pan-euro sat in the garage waiting to sell so lent him that and we set off early saturday instead. with shaun on the pan i took the sporty [and even a full face helmet!! - glad of that on sunday i was] and we hammered miles and got up there in sensible time.

saw everyone i wanted to see, drank a few beers and had some laughs - it was wet, windy, very boggy but fun times.

shaun took pics - i forgot my camera - when i get them ill post them up


got the first manifold pretty much done for the stumo puller, 40mm lectrons to kick the game off, then we shall sort things out somehow to go supercharged once things are running with some level of reliability

Twin Engine Tuesday

i think i found a twin engine bike dafter than a twin panther - damnit if been out-dafted...

dragon time again

its the 50th dragon rally this weekend - should be a laugh and an excuse to catch up with some mates and drink beer.

dragged the shovel out of the back of the garage at the weekend, its been off the road for the winter this year. well - it wouldnt play when i wanted to ride on sunday, but last night checked the carb over and was just the float. 4 pumps and 3 kicks and off she went good as gold. im looking forwards to riding up there this weekend and seeing some of the old faces.