Happy Xmas

Well spent the day in the garage. Cider had turned to slush puppies so had to warm them on the fan before drinky time

Twin Engine Tuesday

Yuri Shif from belarus's Dopelboxer.

twin pipes

typical - rear pipe will terminate right on my foot. now i need to work out a pipe with some sort of turn-out i think... happy days

Twin Engine Tuesday

squariel squared - very nice

more primary

nothing major to see but its getting there slowly...

got the drive side all together properly, machined up the remaining few spacers that dad couldnt do and started making the bits that attach it to the engines. there are going to be welded in bungs on the back plate that line up with the rear 2 engine bolts on both engines, that will tie it on good and solid and add a little more rigidity to keep the engines in line with each other under the raw power that i wont be producing..... and an overall pic of how its coming together

stump puller primary drive

went home last weekend and collected the spacers off my dad that i had been bitching about making up myself on my little lathe, always good to have a dad with access to adult size machinery and knows how to use it

outer bearing supports also made up and slotted in

ignore the junk hardware in it mock up only, and the crappy grainy mobile phone picture, it was cold in the garage so i threw it together in the kitchen instead...

Krown Company

i hooked chris over at Krown Company up with a deal on a pile of biltwell helmets a little while back, well, hes done with them, they are all striped and re-lined ready to go to their new homes. very nice work it looks in the pics too. sample of them here, get in touch with chris if you need a cool custom gift last minute for xmas. http://krowncompany.blogspot.com/

Twin Engine Tuesday

twin norton streamliner

33 tank

chop chop

old bsa bantam tank cut and shut for the 33 panther. will put tunnel in when i know how shallow i want it.