Wednesday, 8 December 2010

stump puller primary drive

went home last weekend and collected the spacers off my dad that i had been bitching about making up myself on my little lathe, always good to have a dad with access to adult size machinery and knows how to use it

outer bearing supports also made up and slotted in

ignore the junk hardware in it mock up only, and the crappy grainy mobile phone picture, it was cold in the garage so i threw it together in the kitchen instead...


  1. I assume you've probably seen it, but this ad is in the old bike mart classifieds atm:

    Panther 600 spares, 3 sets crankcases, 1956/59/60. Set c/w crank, gearboxes x2. New Hepolite cylinder liner boxed. Inner/outer primary cases. Front frame loop rigid plus stand. Cylinder head plus head-steady, many more parts available, £300. 07904-392595. OB413484C

    thought it might be useful....
    (ad's nothing to do with me, btw!)

  2. Where did you get the belt drive parts? Did you have to design engine spacing around the available belts or were you able to procure belts of varying lengths and pully sizesto suit your needs??? Nice work thus far, should make crazy torque!



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