happy halloween

now back to the garage

werner 1440cc single

ok - so im a lover of big singles, so the biggest of the big [well it was till that fella made the 2000cc but i dont like that as much ha] if these arent panther-esque proportions i dont know what is - look at the sump on the front - perfection.

theres a german website {LINK} with some info on it but not masses. i also found a pic of it being ridden - its not all that massive when you see it like this is it.

if anyone knows of a video of it running id love to hear it. id buy this bike in a heartbeat if it was for sale.

zero 2010

just spotted then 2010 zero models are out - probably have been for about 10 months but hey ho... i test rode one last year and they are great fun. they just NEED to do something about the 50 mile optimum riding range [more likely 35 miles]. they get that up to an honest higher number and im having one. there seems to me to have been no range improvements since i started looking at zero a couple of years ago. shame really

edr 2011

Looks like EDR is back. im trying to pull a plan together to get over and ride with some good friends again and hit mexico. fingers crossed...

ready in 2 weeks?

so im trying to get in the last santa pod of the year in 2 weeks time

tidy wiring
fix oil leak
make a couple of engine spacers
make shifter peg
sort mag cutout
re-work rev-counter
get timed right
probably something else too

its doable... no paint though thats a certain

7.46 second electric bike

now thats impressive - larry spiderman mcbride riding something a bit special [like anything he rides isnt going to be a bit on the special side]


layed up a seat pan for the twin panther at the weekend in between getting out on the bike/trike enjoying the weather.

nice and simple but comfy enough

zed trike

was looking for a sidecar for a fair long while but this came up at a sensible price so i got this instead. i have to say it handles a sight better than my last outfit did and 2 driven wheels in the snow have got to be a winner. not really my style but that can be sorted if i get round to it

200 miles home from collecting it and no problems on that ride.

took my niece out on it for a jaunt too before i headed south - apparently its "much funner than a car" i'll have her riding her own bike eventually.

its alive


i know - you had forgotten about this, maybe thought i had forgotten... its been there giving me the stink eye from the bench at the back of the garage for too long. so i figured it was time to get the thing running on this mag setup.

new non-suppressor caps, new rotor in mag, new points, re-time and it runs. ok so it needs some tuning to get running sweet but its alive again. its been just over a year since other things took priority over it so its nice to get back onto it and make a gut shaking din in the garage again