'33 settled at last

sorted my head on the '33 at last. dropped the narrowglides on there and the simplicity works nice, will be straight t-bars.

also got the motor stripped down and all sent out for chrome / polish and blasting

the motor has been run dry so theres a fair amount of damage in there but nothing that cant be solved

Deuce of Spades

more twin goodness harvested from the web

twin panther sprulleys

spent a lifetime machining up the 2 main pulleys, crappy phone pics coz my camera got wet on a run last weekend sorry

blank pulleys from the bearing shop with just a pilot hole. machined the teeth off a couple of sprockets so i could keep the taper part [steel was hard as hell, my little lathe was only just up to it - the neighbors loved me doing that job...]. then a fit into the back of the pulleys for them, large main bore for nut, then the other end for a bearing and milled out for puller bolt clearance

pre-run pre-ran

so i got back yesterday, the pre-run is now all pre-ran. to be perfectly honest it was all a bit farcical.

i set off on friday night and i got about 8 miles and the sat-nav took a dump. now i dont generally like relying on these things but when you have 500 miles of unknown roads to navigate they save a TON of time. i had paper maps in the bags too but not ideal at all.... i rode something that loosely resembles the days 2 and 3 route based on memory, instinct and stopping every now and then to look at the iphone to see exactly where i was... made for a fun trip.

to top it all off when i got home last night i plugged in the "waterproof" camera and it had got wet and wont turn on - inbuilt flash drive so no picys for you to see either.

digging through my bag on the last night i pulled out my go-pro camera that has been lost since the last trip [yup - i put it somewhere "safe" in a side pocket...] so i took a couple of little vids i will see if they are any good later on tonight.

when i got home i noticed the sporty sounded louder than normal - to top it off i now have a blowing exhaust

ill get map updated and campsites listed later in the week - see you all there

the sun shines on the righteous

shaun got scarlett to drop off this frame at the weekend. we knew it was somewhere near the same age as the '33 motor i picked up a few weeks ago with the extra casting below the seat mount. i was looking at it to get an age related reg number for the '33 when its done that is somewhere close to engines age.

well - i got a great email from the POC this morning - numbers checked out and its a '33 frame. happy days - i must have done something good for somebody recently, absolute stroke of luck.

now the frame is knackered, really pitted etc, but with a re-tube i think will be ok, but its good news to start the week.

weekends tinkering

got a few hours on the twin over the weekend. its slowly coming together. drive pulleys are half machined. i hacked up a rotted out old kawasaki set of pipes to give me some bends to play with for free and the simple exhaust solution looks like it will work nicely - 2 into 1 running below timing covers, front pipe extended over blower.

also got sorted in my head the routing for the blower. SU mounted on pressure side [rough mounted in pic] then long plenum cylinder running on right side of engines, spurring off to 2 cylinders. sounds simple eh... i bet it isnt to make work


new colour biltwell lids are winging their way round the world as i type. i should have them in my grubby hands before the end of august - ill keep you posted

magic of photoshop

little time to kill and been pondering colours - [more than a bit premature i know...] with a little photoship jiggery pockery throw triumph "nuclear red" at it - its pink.. yea i know... but i recon it looks a great colour - its slightly pearlescent too.

back from the hayride

got back yesterday morning from the hayride

what a great weekend, i ws in 2 minds if i should go or not - glad i did

managed to take not a single photo so i robbed a couple... even though its a car event its the biggest group of nice old quality bikes ive seen this side of the pond.

as ever great to catch up with faces and drink beer. to top it off manda and vic sorted us all out cooking breakfasts, bbq and a lovely chilli for tea for all - really appreciated