pre-run pre-ran

so i got back yesterday, the pre-run is now all pre-ran. to be perfectly honest it was all a bit farcical.

i set off on friday night and i got about 8 miles and the sat-nav took a dump. now i dont generally like relying on these things but when you have 500 miles of unknown roads to navigate they save a TON of time. i had paper maps in the bags too but not ideal at all.... i rode something that loosely resembles the days 2 and 3 route based on memory, instinct and stopping every now and then to look at the iphone to see exactly where i was... made for a fun trip.

to top it all off when i got home last night i plugged in the "waterproof" camera and it had got wet and wont turn on - inbuilt flash drive so no picys for you to see either.

digging through my bag on the last night i pulled out my go-pro camera that has been lost since the last trip [yup - i put it somewhere "safe" in a side pocket...] so i took a couple of little vids i will see if they are any good later on tonight.

when i got home i noticed the sporty sounded louder than normal - to top it off i now have a blowing exhaust

ill get map updated and campsites listed later in the week - see you all there