Sleeping beauty

Its the sort of thing i would drag home coz it has potential. its not one of mine but easily could be.


The guys over at hooked us up with some vintage chop patches last week.

Pretty nice quality, a good lot to deal with and at a price you cant argue with. What more need i say.

I will be throwing the odd one into orders, if you must have one they are in the store.

another vintagechop classic...

my bud ads came round today for a bit more work on his work bie. hes a courier and has stuck over 100,000 miles on this fazer in the last 2 years, brings it here when it needs anything odds and sods - dirty quick fixes always - its a rat in the true sense not in the "i stuck some shit on it" sense

like its got its front sprocket welded on coz the thread stripped out - classy fixes like that...

the side rack was a few months ago, well - he decided he needed a HUGE rear rack as well as the top box - doubles what he can carry, and the more he can carry the more he earns

so angle iron frame with a mesh base out of a skip he found that i tacked in. always fun hacking on his bikes and he normally even brings chips & battered sausage for dinner - hes a good man

W-triple shovelhead?

blatantly robbed from the JJ but good god - WOW

Roth Choppers magazine

just realised i hadnt put up a link to download the choppers magazine

Ed roth choppers magazine - dirty great big zip file with issues 1 to 6 in it

Little Fella

got the little man drilled and plugged an on the jockey setup for the shovel - undecided if ill go with a tank shift or jockey at the minute - either way ive got a rocker clutch going on there and this little man will ride with me

Biltwell Riser onto R1 Front End

got some 1/2 inch UNC bolts, lopped em down, drilled em out and threw an m8 tap down them. run the threaded slugs into the bottom of the risers and voila - biltwell risers now fit onto my R1 front end for the twin panther

How Many Cables?

Front brake / hand brake all set up. and how many cables do i need to throw on the front end? clutch, front brake, hand brake, choke, decompressor, advance/retard. looking solid if a little busier than ideal

Panther Owners

Shinya at el mirage

twin gnarley looks a beast to ride - i want a go

Corpses from Hell

i keep going back to this guys illustrations - something about them just works really well with old bike images

Rough Plan

Its a plan forming - no exact plans yet but from the maps / photos it looks like some nice riding. Bit more research then some pre-running and a plan will formulate.

Similar milage to last year