Saturday, 28 November 2009

another vintagechop classic...

my bud ads came round today for a bit more work on his work bie. hes a courier and has stuck over 100,000 miles on this fazer in the last 2 years, brings it here when it needs anything odds and sods - dirty quick fixes always - its a rat in the true sense not in the "i stuck some shit on it" sense

like its got its front sprocket welded on coz the thread stripped out - classy fixes like that...

the side rack was a few months ago, well - he decided he needed a HUGE rear rack as well as the top box - doubles what he can carry, and the more he can carry the more he earns

so angle iron frame with a mesh base out of a skip he found that i tacked in. always fun hacking on his bikes and he normally even brings chips & battered sausage for dinner - hes a good man


  1. I like his style, big racks are always cool-

  2. worst i did size wise was 16 helmets for the shop on the back of the pan - kind of a big pile



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