Tipple Run

me and tiny did a great pre-run the other weekend. roads are amazing. cut off some of the crappy roads, added some new found ones. sites are all cool and theres pubs at them all [well most of them are the back yards of pubs so thats a result]

fingers crossed it wont rain so much this year - last year was definitely a wet one....
couple of shots from last year to get you in the mood

link is on the right of this page if you want some more details

When Men were Men

Where it comes from

i blame it all on my dad - he just finished this beauty up. scott flying squirrel. 2-stroke water-cooled 1930s glory. first ride out i took the pan-euro as chase truck. then when we had a few bits dialed in went home for the shov so i could ride something fun too. although dad refused to swap half way - apparently he wont ride something with those "bloody stupid handlebars" and the "feet in the wrong place"

Panther Trike

seeing as im thinking all things panther this morning - heres the panther trike in the makings

Twin Engine Planning

ohh yea - its gonna be a monster

In The Beginning

might as well start with a good one

its no secret that i have a thing about Panthers. Heres the long-term twin panther project in its design stages. The plan is to make it road legal over here in England but then ship it out to america and run it at El Mirage / Bonneville. but also be able to hack about on it so it has to be rideable too.

as far as im aware it has never been done - a twin engine Panther... most likely for good reason, but hey - there really arent that many things left to build that nobody has ever done before