pendine panther

im just robbing pics off the web. cracking shot by andy hornsby

Saltster Race panther at Pendine

shaun is running at Pendine this weekend

some people might remember i build the rear section for his frame, and lent him my testbed race motor.

well.. so far today he's running at 74.74mph. im pretty made up with that 

Vintagechop Instagram

the eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed an instagram feed appear above the blog on the vintagechop website now. i might manage to keep up a little better with take a pic and upload.... maybe...

moving house, moving workshop, moving shop all at once is pretty daunting and time consuming. as soon as im back up on my feet and operating at full speed ill try make more effort to update the site with vintagechop goings on, projects and news. till then - bear with me and keep me in mind if you need any bits n pieces for your badass freedom machine


knucks coming on nicely

spent a little time doing a few little mods to the knuck. general service, got the buddy seat fitted and a splash of colour to keep me entertained.

Biltwell gringo helmets

Biltwell Gringo helmets in stock in the UK. Free shipping included from vintagechop