stump puller flywheels

start on the "making shit go faster" stuff for the test engine

crank assembly minus piston weighs a hefty 32lb. way way too heavy to rev, panthers run at about 4500 I want to run about 5500 not high reving by any means but still as a percentage it's a pretty big difference. chunk of weight gone. we shall see what happens...

Twin Engine Tuesday

from D&D racing from the sticker on the seat but thats all i got... there are a few D&D online and i dont know which it is

Tipple Route Planning

Plans are forming. nothing in stone yet except the date. heres a rough idea though - nicely just over 400 miles.

corpses from hell

my tshirt package arrived this morning from max over at

i even got cool envelope art - go buy something - you know you want to.

decent product, decent quality, decent bloke, decent price. what more do you want??
direct store link is

nose cone

anyone know where i would get a new or second hand nose cone along these lines?


Named with a nod to pegasus panther I'm putting together a solo test bed bike for the tuned motors for the twin engine bike. Assembled a little rigid bike today. Will be simple, no electric no nothing really machine.

dye pen done

not the most exciting thing in the world to see but did the dye penetrant testing on the cases yesterday

no cracks so im happy, there are a few chips on corners that im getting welded up then im good to go

things are creeping forwards

stockers jolly

went over to catch up with leight and eddie on sunday for a brew and a leg stretch for the panther now i sorted fueling out

had my little crappy pocket camera - MD80. they are pretty poor but cheap and it lives in my pocket, clips on my jacket and go

took a little film of eddies new steed - nice old norton, seems to be in good nick.

Go pro

Go pro and panthers don't seem to mix. Vibrations break the mounts. I've gone through 3 bases since I got the camera and not managed a complete run without it breaking. So I made one. Not pretty but as a prototype to see it it works. Using the stronger car stick on mount and an old riser. Looks way more solid. We shall see, fingers crossed.

Tipple Run 2012 dates confirmed

29th august to 1st september

be there or be somewhere else -

decisions decisions

i have all the bits in the shed to convert my swingarm bike into a rigid along the lines of the second bike pictured... wouldnt really take very much effort either - i just cant decide, i love my swingarm bike but love the little rigid bike too, thinking something like the bottom bike with say 12" bars on it.... it might be in my future - very little cost and only a couple or 3 weekends work... i just cant leave well enough alone


got the rear all machined up so the british invader will fit in at last. still need to work the brake side of things out on it but its moving onwards

keep the rust at bay

primed to keep the rust away at my place. scored a 1200 sporty motor for it too. slowly slowly catchee monkey. as and when bits are available ill get them.