panther m100 m120 exhaust spanner

sick of doing my panther exhaust up with a hammer and a punch... so i just got my new panther exhaust spanners made up. got some spares made too to sell. so if anyone wants one drop me a line. they are a nice single sided tool roll size & made of stainless. £12 to your door

hopefully it will mean less panther heads out there with stripped exhaust threads

stump puller coming along

been spending some time on the stump puller

new engine plates are in, new top mounts drawn, seat reprofiled for "comfort" [its relative ok....] bars changed around, nitrous positioning sorted, etc etc.. pretty good week or so of weekends n evenings. slow progress but its sure at least...

trip out

was a blast. thanks to everyone that had a hand in it.

the party is covered on every site / blog etc and i have nothing to add to be fair.

my best news for the weekend is that i thrashed the hell out of the pegacorn and the only problem i had was i lost my oil filler - nothing a stick and a bit fleece couldnt fix. thanks to the BMW rider that stopped and gave me his neck warmer to plug the hole. [i know - a neck warmer on a belting sunny day.. but who am i to complain when he got me out of a hole without having to resort to cutting up my clothes]

photos stolen from mainly who did a better job than i would have done even if i had taken any pictures.

vintagechop shop - all back up to date

everything is now back up to date

any outstanding orders are packed and ready to go out tomorrow

sorry for any delays, took me a couple of days to catch back up to things after the tipple run.

tipple run thankyou

thanks to everyone who came and played out on the tipple run this year - always a good laugh

things we learnt this year:

• it doesnt ALWAYS rain on the tipple run
• "we'll keep the bar open as long as you like" doesnt mean that at all when the clock strikes 11.32pm
• its a hell of a lot easier herding cats on a sportster than a panther
• i still dont like being at the front :)
• there are some lovely people who still like to ride bikes
• steam fairs are better kept small
• we really do have some of the prettiest roads around if you look for them
• i should take photos every now and then
• waitrose do awesome picnic food

thanks again everyone - im going to do a photo dump like in previous years

if you only took a few photos then send them me if you took loads then try using make a zip file of them all [not zipx] and send them over via that. easy to follow instructions on their site.

see you all next time