Twin Engine Tuesday

another beauty for you to feast your eyes on

dual headed panther

i just got this sweet panther draw up by our illustrator at the day job. guess ill get some stickers or something made up. looking at having it pretty big on the spine of the bike, should look pretty trick

Twin Engine Tuesday

stolen from the web - no info on this but its pretty damn nice looking in my book

back in black

spent the weekend on this getting things in place for the motors. im just waiting on the club getting valves back in stock in the next week or so and then ill have 2 mild motors together ready to drop in here.
it was damned uncomfy - so i have moved the pegs, altered the bars & changed the seat. now my nuts arent compressed into my spine after 12 seconds - im thinking more than a minute pay be possible without passing out now...
and seeing as i had it stripped down to do some welding i figured id give it a waft of black to make it look more presentable. then a speedy re-assemble and it was back on the bench by sunday lunch time. another couple of weeks and i wil have the motors in there proper. then i just need to pull cash together for a coupleof carbs and mag rebuilds and it might make some noise.

zips bike for sale

go empty your coppers jar and get in touch with zip or benny at boneshakers

sweeper upperer

anyone thats been on the tipple run will guess who this is for - cheers for the help bud - i appreciate it

twin engine tuesday

twin engine tuesday can only belong to 1 person this week... tyler over at lowbrow customs / redliners racing

top chap and some top bikes. he got this running just in time for born free and will be on the salt this year with it - see you there next year mate with a bit of luck and a fair breeze