wanted - sportster mids

somebody must have some kicking about under a bench somewhere...

sportster mids - the earlier type - i think like 93-03 or something like that. 2" between centres on the left hand size casting where it mounts to the engine and the right side going through the sprocket cover, not to a casting like later ones.

theres an email link on the right hand side or leave me a comment


pegacorn done?

well - got the right motor into it now, got some bugs fixed. found a sweet little leather saddlebag i got ages ago i forgot about so i can carry tools now and actually got some miles on it on sunday

we got drenched in the first half mile but then the sun came out to play so we dried off pretty good. stopped at a few of the local boozers and had a jolly nice day of it

45 sold

deposit now taken on the 45. cheers all

big tyre sportster

spent a little time on the big tyre sporty at the weekend

got my seat back from caulfield leather very happy with it. just as i asked for and feels like it will be pretty comfy too.

just a few odds n sods but its moving on again for a while. not far of sttripping for finish welding then build up. rolled outside for a play in the sun

still love it - might not be this years shade of beige but thats never bothered me before now.

Motor pulling

2 out 1 back in today. Pretty good day. Race motor a few leaks addressed etc

Panther garage

Looking out of the garage door working on panthers makes me smile plenty. Life's really not too bad at all. And an extra couple of days of work to get stuff done is a win.

panther for sale soon

the black bike is up for sale soon just need to do a couple of jobs to it and then its on the block. the little rigid is done so i dont need yet another panther :)