VintageChop new stock

everything topped back u pin the store plus a couple of extra lines like the macho negro seat hinge

the panther is nearly there

ever so close

tonight i need to wire it up in an awfully complicated manner so i have some lighting off a total loss battery system for now.

blasted up and down the road a bit last night and it "seems" ok. only miles will tell

arse kicker

its been an absolute arse kicker of a weekend. but its running now. engine top end done, mag rebuild, new carb. dont know its secret hand shake yet but it starts pretty easy when i get it right.

ive had the gearbox in and out about a dozen times or more. swaped for spare gearbox that turned out to be worse. mixed and matched parts from 3 gearboxes to get the best box i could at no notice with no spares. still glitchy as hell on kicker but it shifts good - fingers crossed

carb needs tuning still. went for a wassel copy of an amal concentric. seems nice just needs tweeking really now.

then reassembly for to set off on friday for a weekend of riding / camping with a little luck... fingers crossed - i need all the help i can get


low level hell 2

just plugged my phone into the computer and some photos popped up, dont remember taking them but i obviously did... zips bike that steve rode looking grand with a nice covering of shit off the wet country roads, im sure it was on ebay a bit since but i cant find it

race panthers...

not all that many out there and very little information too.

but i got emailed this pic yesterday. bloody class.... now it obviously had some acceleration but it might have topped out at 25mph for all i know :) id love to know what his gearing was and what he had inside his motor though

nitrous panther

just had a little windfall, just enough to buy this setup.... shall i shan't i... i do like the idea on a purely dumb level, nitrous on a panther... what could possibly go wrong haha

RIP E.J. Potter the Michigan Madman

sad day indeed, more info here

absolute nutter and built some truly amazingly crazy machines

Twin engine tuesday

spotted at stafford last week for sale. beyond that i dont know anything about it. i do like the frame stretch, this was my original frame plan for the twin panther. it looks well.