thankyou all

massive thanks to all the chipped in and got a badge - its a little thing but it means a lot and helps keep this dream alive

i know there hasnt been much progress for too long but now i have the funds in place to get the 2 motors together

motors are out of the stump puller as of this afternoon and i have dug out all my part engines to help make up the parts deficit

i have amassed 3 sets of cases that are old enough to drop in class so theres a chance i might even manage a spare engine to take with me

they are off to polish etc as soon as they open up after the new year. then its on

might not be the xmas tree knucklehead photo everyones seen but its all mine :)

just in time for...

ok so not in time for anything really. customs held up my last order so all the new goodies are now in stock but have missed the xmas post

but xmas is soo last year anyway, get yourself or a loved one something for just after xmas, might as well spread the gifts right? no point in getting everything on 1 day - make the joy last a little longer

got in mandanas, hats, goggles & all sorts of bits and bats that will keep you warm and seeing things on the road this winter that were low or out of stock

treat the loved one in your life [yourself] to something special this post-xmas-possibly-new year-depending-when-the-royal-mail-decide-you-are-worthy time of year

captain cleckheaton

got the bars in from zombie performance - just what i needed, class to deal with

painted them and the headlights up and threw on the pile of levers a panther needs to function. xmas should see a few free hours to do some more on this

phat choppacycle

santa dropped this off this morning early for me - was weighing his sleigh down...

barely started / unfinished project i picked up. frame by briz zo i know thats sound. its not this years shade of 70s chopperdelic whatever but its something ive fancied ever since my first flirtations with custom bikes. a modern choppacycle in the hareem will be nice when its done. just being able to get on and cane it to wherever at speed without carrying a pile of tools / spares and leaving time for "just in case" roadside tinkering etc... i absolutely LOVE old bikes but theres also a use for a modern one in the armoury too

Cheers kenzie

New order in from biltwell. Kenzies latest artwork made it onto my fridge door. Cheers my dear, always makes me smile

xmas orders

everything is still going out the day after your order as always. the mighty royal mail seems to be dragging its heals though. i can but assume its the xmas rush? i have had a few people this last couple of days that have had items take over a week to arrive. i can only apologise on their behalf - sorry, its out of my control once it leaves VintageChop head office, please bear with me

stronger head steadies

ade up at buckland hooked me up with some rather nice looking brackets for the captain. i wasnt too happy with the last welded up design after thinking about it [and bending the frame when i sat on it haha] i had several half arsed methods of making these but these are way better than anything i cooked up. i clearly need more tools, a bloody big press next on the list haha - oh and a bigger workshop to fit it in.. or just outsource the odd thing here and there might make more sense... cheers mate - appreciated