wall of death

dont know why but i seem to be in video mode at the minute

a really nicely shot wall of death vid, well worth killing a little time watching it

edr 11 video

vid is out early december - its a good little film, good general feel of the run without stitching anyone up too bad, well played lads

2012 w800

didnt i say they should release it in black??? looks a million times better. black engine / mudguards are pretty damn nice too. oh well - cant wit for these things can you. when mine gets a couple of winters on it i might paint it....

while im a it - i was on about a screen too - well seems that i have a direct line to mr kawasaki or something coz thats out now too - and for a mere £315 !!!! its not even nice looking

another from adam

all very messy and funny on friday night. had the odd pint or 2. you can tell its going to go wrong imminently when you start ordering bombardier by the 4 pint pitcher. friday nights antics slowed me down on saturday a little...

i might have to let adam out of the cupboard more often - at least he actually takes the odd photo or 3

rollerburn was a great time

thanks for the effort to put it on fellas

my mate adam filmed the race

there will be a million pics everywhere so you can see them elsewhere - once again i forgot to live life through a lense and actually lived it instead

non slab city illusive unicorn non event

pic stolen from walt [kickstart cycles] it was awful, really really awful - feel sorry for me having to ride on great roads and camp in the desert with loads of good people...

biltwell / wuss and lots of other people did a great job of making the best of a sticky situation - turned out possibly better than slab would have done anyway - loved the last minute deserted venue

Dragon 2012

So I guess it's on then... Got my ticket this morning. First but if winter camping for the year booked. Happy days