tipple trouble

kinda sums up my tipple run - got hit in the face by a wasp on the way to the pre night tipple. within not a lot of time i couldnt really see too much - not ideal for riding bikes. hospital job, who were pretty useless. my dad came to the rescue and drove 4 hours down the country to get my with his trailer. i was planning on resting a day and getting back up with the group on friday but slow healing meant i wasnt feeling up to it still. i was going to borrow my dads sporty and hammer across to north wales early saturday morning so i could ride but dad again offered to drag me over there so i could take the panther and get there in time for breakfast instead of a slow potter over on a panther.

lovely days ride on saturday if a bit wet but thats the tipple run. few minor issues but nothing too major. sunday set off after the rugby. was a lovely ride back across. nicest 4 hours riding ive done in some time just pottering along enjoying the roads and scenery, then an hour from home the clutch cable went. having used my spares to sort a mates bike earlier this year and forgotten to replace them in the tool kit that was my adventure over for the week.

huge thanks to everyone that braved the weather and came out to play. but my biggest thanks go to julian for getting me a lovely route together [so im told ha] and being out intrepid leader getting things together and making sure nobody got lost - i dont care what they all say - you're a star mate