cutter sale

bennys turn to get messed about by ebay wasters. someone that actually wants to buy it get in touch with him please and part with some of your hard earned cash and get a damn fine choppercycle out of it.

panther strip down

and the strip down starts - its really not too bad, the wiring was just plain old nasty so i cut it all out. it was brittle anyway so might as well just be gone with it and start a fresh when i get to needing it. carbs off and soaking hopefully recoverable, she needs a bit more than spit and polish but i always knew that. when i get my rewound mag back ill drop it on and see if she'll run.

black panther running again

dropped a new mag [well old mag, but a working mag] on the panther after after last weekends little jolly on a truck to get home - although a nice nap was had all the way home

also did a little work making the panther into touring mode for the tipple run, wasnt happy with the little rack i made a few weeks back - didnt pack up well so modified the one off the blue basket case i bought and added a pannier

the panther seems much peppier now too - checked the timing properly before i took off the old mag and it was a good few degrees out. had to make up an adapter tool to bring the disk out past the footpeg casting but it was a nice simple job just using the puller holes on the sprocket to attach it.

33 frame's back

frame company were slow, pretty ok price, awful communication, but did a good job. and thats what i'll remember when im riding it. casting still tatty but solid, tubes all replaced. it dates from november 1933 so its got a right to be a little rough round the edges by now.

they are breeding

they keep following me home - will be with me tomorrow

pretty stock just a little tired, never know might even have it making noises this weekend if i get the black one sorted with a new mag in good time - apparently rover piston mod already done before it was left under a tarp for 10 years so its had some love at some stage in its life

pre-tipple tipple

as ever, the night before the run we are meeting up for a little beverage and camp

lovely little proper boozer, out in the sticks some but really easy to find, no fires. not the cheapest camping ever at £10 a tent but he keeps good beer. the complete site is booked for us whoever turns up. no need to book in advance we got that covered, you just need to pay the landlord.

thats on the 7th sept. and we are making our way out from there for breakfast in the morning at a local garden centre - posh it is too - we need to be rolling out of the garden centre at 9.30am so if you are meeting us there be on time or have your map - we wont be waiting, you'll catch us at a petrol stop.

dobbies garden world


was a lovely weekend - didnt rain too much, beer was good, cider was tasty, roads were beautiful, camping was fun, seeing friends again was priceless

i made my way over to the site a little early so caught this of the freak show rolling into town...

3 more big sleeps

till a nice welsh gathering

its been one of those weeks and im going to be glad to get away from it all. always good to catchup with everyone and these fine chaps who are ringmasters for the weekend - they always put a smile on my face - thanks in advance for getting things together chaps

softail for sale

im riding the kawasaki more so this has to make space and funds


rebuilt fxst made to look like a fatboy [not by me]. '85 bike so very cheap classic insurance.

lots of new parts - email me if you are interested - link to the right...

how cool

a lot of friends in other countries have been sending emails checking up on me making sure things are ok what with the riots and all that - its much appreciated

greaser mike did me a great pic to go with his kind thoughts, how cools that..

33 panther frame

i got an original '33 panther frame in a deal last year or so, which goes nicely with the '33 motor im in the process of rebuilding. its tubes were pretty knackered but the castings werent too bad, pitted but fine.

taken me a long long time to get round to dealing with it, its way beyond what im set up to do here so i out sourced it. got a couple of pics last night - looking good so far.

when i get it back i can start mocking up properly instead of with a wrong frame etc...

bison 2000

2000cc single - hell yea, it sounds fantastic but i think my panther looks to go faster though judging by this video.

ive seen pics but ive never heard it running before

best exhaust

and the prize for the best exhaust goes to....

pic from zen of neato, the panther chop is getting at least one of these pipes on it - along with a sheepskin tall cobra seat - oh yes, its the future

cracking weekend

the panther performed pretty flawlessly all weekend, clutch cable has stretched out some so i need to just have a little fiddle and get that back so theres some adjustment left on it. but ran great even in the bad traffic when the harleys were dropping like flies haha

i took no pictures again - i had my drinking / social butterfly head on not photographing head. theres plenty of pics knocking about the blogs n forums so i wont bore you with a load of rip offs here - just one pic i robbed off scarlett of yours truly on the mighty steed

good catching up with everyone - see most of you in a couple of weeks