panther moving sideways

well - 2 days of 13 hour garage days and ive not achieved a lot really other than getting thoroughly pissed off with a gearbox

got the new bars made, carburation sorted i recon - runs like a champ now all through the revs, think i have the clutch sorted but time will tell on that one, the gearbox however is turning into a headache... it selects all 4 gears lovely when in the garage, as soon as under power it wont select 4th, just a neutral there instead. i put in a new mainshaft coz that had a lot of end float in it, put in a new 4th gear [all in the bike i add] re-assemble and still same problem... thinking of putting a new box complete in there and seeing where i go from there

still, its starting to look how i want, just need to sort the trials seat / fabricate a rack up now other than my gearbox woes