motorcycle camping

was getting myself ready last night for the hayride and decided id share a little info on my setup

a few people have commented i manage to pack a bike small but still have what i need when i go off. a lot of it is a matter of going camping a lot and taking out of the pack what you didnt use. first few trips i was like a rolling flea market the amount of junk id take, this is what i have whittled it down to now and has been my standard basic for the last few years now. if im going for a week or a weekend - same pack, just more or less clothes. now this lot just all lives on a shelf and if im going off i can be packed in 10 minutes

i have a slightly bigger back for winter camping so i can carry my winter sleeping bag and slightly larger tent

so anyways - here it is, you have to invest a little to travel small, weight isnt an issue on a bike though so you dont have to go crazy buying all ultra camping gear

1) army surplus seabag that i had shortened at a cobblers so it fit my gear right - its custom baby
2) brew kit - tin mug, eco gel burner with stand and jet lighter [all fits in the mug] brews up in 5 minutes
3) axe - blunt end good for tent pegs in hard ground, pointy end good if you are lucky enough to be allowed a fire where you are camping
4) old glasses case - full of tea and coffee - ready mix milk sugar coffee sachets makes life easy
5) toilet paper sample pack - about 1/3 of a roll without the tube in the middle taking up space in its plastic pack so it stays dry - campsites never have bog roll, and if they do it always runs out
6) wash / medical kit
7) small 1 man tent - mines a cheapy aztec rapido
8) poncho - this is england, it will rain at some stage even in the summer
9) crewsaver towel - they pack small and dry out fast and they are a full size towel
10) alpkit base 120 - a small 2/3 size blow up mattress
11) sleeping bag - snugpak chrysalis micro