hmm changes

after the disaster im having with the wolseley im seriously considering cutting my losses at the minute... if you know anyone wanting a 1939 wolseley drop me a line - you know what.. i could really fancy a vmax again to tool about on and pop up to santapod with...

back on the bench

its been WAAY too long that this has been tucked away in a corner needing finishing touches - other things over took it but now it needs to get on the road. i have a big clear out this last month and got rid of a lot of stuff. the Stump Puller is in need of a cash injection so has stalled for just the minute, so the trike is back in the firing line - it needs a few tweaks but no money to finish. and then it just needs the electrical talents of QM over at to come in and save the day and get things wired up right - that stuff scares me.

dads are great

left the wolseley up at dads the other weekend after the engine bang while we make a plan on getting something else fitted in... well its a grand day up there and he decided to have a look at a little worry i had in my mind - above the drip rail was bubbling rust up. hes had at it with a wire wheel and its good metal under there, so bit of rust treatment and a dab of paint and it will be sound - phew - ive had my fill of bad luck on bikes / cars for this year...

Tipple Run 2011 Map??

got this onto the computer from julian and it works out at about 400 miles so that sounds about right. looks to be some cracking roads in there - i look forwards to the pre-run and getting things nailed down a bit more

best get drinking lads

just got the tipple run pre-map off julian - good old paper map it is - ill get it onto the computer and see what it looks like - thanks mate - youre a star

latest addition to the flock

so i collected a 1939 wolseley 12/48 this weekend. turned into a bit of a heartbreaker already but its very cool - will be great when fixed up

Twin Engine Tuesday

rob sent me this over - no idea where he got it from but blognapped from somewhere im sure but its a beauty


always nice to have visitors when working in the garage, especially when they come on a nice bike i havent seen before

kawasaki dragbike for sale

gpz1100 motor, pro build old funny bike frame, good new rear tyre, wheelie bar, spare carbon fiber body, mallory sprint mag, rebuilt gearbox, plus a few odds n sods of spares / gaskets but nothing worth changing your offer over so not listing them individually

manual advance mag, bikes running well now, just needs to see some time at the strip.

i have decided i have a need for a hotrod in my life... so am selling off a few of the bikes to fund it, couple of bikes on ebay this week, the dragbike will be going on next week if i get no offers from here before the weekend. and the z1000 trike will be going on in a couple of weeks when i get round to fitting a new ignition barrel.

get in touch with any questions or an offer at

Twin Engine Tuesday