stump puller exhaust

started getting things together on the exhust side of things for stump-puller

33 progress

a little progress on the 33 panther - got the bottom end together and the roller is taking a shape now too

Twin Engine Tuesday

this weeks twin engine tuesday is brought to you by stevestockers a tasty twin i dont recall seeing before

bike vs car drift...

ok so im not really into modern stuff as a rule but just the handling skill this guy has on a bike is pretty incredible

kwak drag, closer....

spent the weekend messing with the kwak dragbike so its ready when the dry weekends come round.

got it running reasonably well now, sorted the mag timing out after getting my head round it not having an auto advance on it that the stock system has. also gave the bodywork a lick of primer to spruce it up a bit, cant paint proper till the weather turns for good [so i can use my "dust-free spraying environment" / the back garden] so that will have to wait

had the colourtune on it too carbs need re-jetting but its close

Benchmark in the UK

my Benchmark stock is winging its way over to me in the next few days so id expect to have it in a couple of weeks. we'll have a reasonably full range of air cleaners, ignition covers and kicker pedals in the store. should all be in store nicely in time for valentines day so you can get the one you love [your bike] something a bit special

EDR 2011 - its all good

well im looking forwards to it, managing to squeeze in a quick ride up to vegas in with the mix too so should be fun and games...

Tipple 2011

Dates confirmed. get your holidays booked up

Sept 8th - 10th 2011

Details will follow as they come over on the tipple run blog

Twin Engine Tuesday

ok so back from the holiday break - back to normal service

Mike Rolands setting off on his double engine bike at the '92 World Finals. He ran at 236mph