Twin Engine Tuesday

twin CB750 with twin mags - beauty

Biltwell Kung Fu Grips

Landed here in sunny ol' england at the weekend - available in the STORE now. only 7/8" available at the minute but when the 1" ones are ready we will be getting them

'33 bars

got the bars trimmed and mocked on there too...

hayride 2011

hayride dates are out - cracking do this year, will be trying to get things in place again for 2011

Twin Engine Tuesday

The Praying Mantis

as we all know already anyways - the guys over at Biltwell are top drawer. i was looking for a cheap bike in the states again for el diablo run and a few other bits and pieces. bill stepped forwards and found this gem of a survivor for me. needs a little fettling which the gents are taking care of for me. happy camper i am.

'33 panther motor

still a couple of bits to come and nice bolt set etc but i couldnt resist a little mock-up

Twin Engine Tuesday

kick start twin engine BSA


some good old fashioned nutty bike building - id love a go on it. pic stolen from somewhere i cant remember

primary twin

got the primary bits propped together for the twin panther - tons of machining still to do and about 20 threaded spacers of varying lengths to turn up too - thats not a job im looking forwards to at all... but happy with the progress

new bars

i love getting nice pieces by good guys. Jay over at special'79 is one of the best. the mans an artist with steel. we did a bit of wheeling and dealing and i came out with these stainless bars he made for me for the '33 panther. i stole the process pics for the bottom detail off his blog - it just shows his attention to detail. thanks a million jay