all is solved - heres the full itinerary

8th Sept
Pre-run nightcaps all round, early to bed early to rise... they serve a lovely pint - catch me for a free patch and stickers.

9th Sept - 170 miles
Roll out at 9.30am - if you arent camping and are late, know the route and catch us up. breakfast stop about 20 miles down the road in Marlborough. Bikes will be easy to spot on the main drag through
Melksham - Sudbury

10th Sept - 220 miles
Sudbury - Skegness
this is booked for everyone already so no need to call. we will just sort out paying on the day when they see how far se spread out/how many tents. they have helped out at the last minute and i was specifically asked if we are "well behaved" to which the answer was obviously a yes... as you would expect form a group of vintage motorcyclists. this is the only non-pub campsite but there is the Kings Arms about 200yards down the road

11th Sept - 200 miles
Skegness - Buxton
Im guaranteed to get lost around the bottom of Sheffield because i always do - anyone... feel free to take the pole position

12th Sept - home
depending on weather a little jaunt in the Peak District before lunch then homeward bound for all

Google map link - you know the drill - be self sufficient print and take a map so if you get lost you can find your way to the sites.