mag machined

mag adapter all machined up for one of the engines. just need to find 2 old single fire tractor mags and im good to go

Pan-Pan v-twin panther

have a couple of top ends spare and have been thinking about this for a while

sorted some measurements with help of a few friends and it looks like it will work

this is just a 10 minute prop together and it is absolutely just sitting in my living room, untouched, as an ornament till after the twin engine bike is done but then i will tinker away on it, and in a good few years will have a bloody huge v-twin panther engine to so ?something? with

thought it might amuse at least for now

panther tops, panhead bottom - here she is - PAN-PAN

legal for another year

got my MOT this morning, hayride tomorrow - cutting things nice and fine.... had to ditch the fishtails to get quiet enough for the test - they will make a re-appearance when i get round to it.

vintagechop caps

they are now in stock: and delivered to your door for £12

Keeping things simple. A classic army cap in khaki or black, sporting the VintageChop logo. Nothing more nothing less. No whistles no bells, its just a hat.

• 100% Heavy washed cotton

• Embroidered Logo

• Self fabric strap with silver buckle and grommet. / One Size

'33 panther

this bike is going through more twists and turns than a barrel full of snakes. so setting out with no real fixed plan was probably a bad way to start things. oh well - i picked up a 1933 engine the other week for it so the m120 lump is being sold on to start someone else off on their panther journey. needs new engine plates making up and then i will get a gearbox in and see if things line up or not... need to have a sit-down and proper think about this thing and decide where its going

Wiring time

i hate wiring pretty much more than anything else on bikes. but sadly its a necessary evil with this lark getting the trike legal - and man are there a lot of wires on this thing, side lights, indicators, hazard lights and the list goes on... fortunately QM came over from britishironworks and volunteered for the task. the trike really is in its final flurry before getting the man from the DVLA to have a looksy and be done n stomping up and down the country.


collected the twin at the weekend and im more than pleased with what briz has done for me with it. got a coat of primer on and back together.

Stylish Riding

more from Pitman's

Pitman Book of P&M

shaun sent me a great book over yesterday

its from 1933 and has some gems in it, like its commentry on noise - seems people were wanting louder back then too, but if you can suggest surging power, what more do you need?

Hotrod Hayride

only a couple of weeks till the hayride & by the sounds of it a lot of bikes going down there this year. need to get the shovel mot'd but if all goes well i'll be there on it - if not i might have to take the sporty and hide it in a bush nearby


Made a couple of runs up to the parcel office over the weekend to get the latest deliveries

everything is now back in stock and ready to ship out.


just got the tipple run stickers in today, arent they beautiful...

its hard to show just how offensive they are in a pic, but its that stuff that you get on little kid barbie stickers

more progress

Tipple 2010

Remapped and reworked route for day 1 HERE

more pre-run info etc over on the tipple run BLOG

english 102

now in the store HERE

carrying on from the last 2 DVDs english 102

Electrical: Understanding What You Have
Troubleshooting your Electrical System
How-To Wiring & Electrical Tips
Carburetors: Amal, Mikuni & JRC
Rebuilding Your Front End
Mixing & Matching Front End Parts
Rebuilding a Clutch Center
Cam Bushing Installation and Reaming

"The follow-up to the critically acclaimed English 101 DVD, English 102 is the next step in your British motorcycle education. Once again hosted by Wes White, the electrical system on your vintage British motorcycle is covered in depth with a concentration on identification of parts, troubleshooting, and tips to wire your bike from scratch. More carburetors, Amal, Mikuni and JRC units, are disassembled and discussed. In depth analysis of rebuilding hydraulic front ends, clutch center maintenance and cam bushing reaming is also included. A must for those of you with a true quest for knowledge."

With almost 4 hours of high quality content English 102 is great for the Triumph enthusiast who wants to know more about his motorcycle and howto keep it running great. English 102 is Region 0 and will play world-wide.

CHUFFED would be an understatement

got some progress pics today

im like a dog with 2 dicks - so chuffed how its coming together

briz has had a lot of input on the frame and changed things around for me to make things better / stronger etc.

also he has done me a lovely little sponsorship deal and is doing the frame out of chrome-moly at no extra cost


just been updating things on the tipple run site here - go on, have a look, and book your holiday time off work

TT&CO lid arrived

my new tt&co lid arrived last week. comfy and light it is too. modeled by my fair self

NCC herts Jaunt

had a jolly up to the NCC herts do yesterday

some nice bits and pieces in and amongst a seat of pretty stock harleys