cheers flamesey. got the seat last weekend. knocked up a quick rack too so i can carry big stuff on the bike. was a car rack i got at an auto-jumble off an MG or something of the likes, cut and shut it by a mile and its perfect for purpose - better than spending £200 on a willie skulled dark customs rack

double trouble for sale

bit slow on the uptake but double trouble is up for sale - wonderful bit of kit it is if you have the $40,000 asking price

more drawing

dropping the parts off with briz in a few days ti get things moving on the frame. spent some time doing a little more drawing up and getting things the way i want before its set in metal - pretty much there now...


picked up the replacement for the written off triumph last week - a nightster - its a great bike, really nice to ride

its been 'customised' with a few bolt on bits that i want rid of though

anyone got a stock solo seat or a set of mids they need rid of?

Drive side

making a start on the business side of things - well... the blower drive is 11" away from the front engine pulley so my plan of solid gears to reverse the drive is out of the window - theyd be like a couple of extra flywheels. the plan is now to pull the blower apart and reverse the drive of it internally

wanted - sportster iron

yea i know dark custom secret handshake gheyness. BUT - they are one of the very few stock modern bikes i could live with. i need to replace the new bonneville i got knocked off, now the insurance has paid out i have pretty much settled on one of these as a daily, bone stock, commuter / city assault vehicle. get in touch if you know anyone selling [email link on the right]. location not too much of an issue...

Lazer shtuff

collected my swanky lovely lazer cut parts on friday night. stainless clutch cover, mild steel the rest.

quick lob together with nuts as spacers and everything fits dandy like - even hit the footpeg first time so it comes through the hole centrally - well chuffed i am. i recon it fits just lovely